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Edwardian Jewelry

Edwardian - Period PieceEdwardian StyleIn contrast to diamond jewelry made in the late 19th century, diamonds were made to look as fine and delicate as possible in order to blend with the lace, silk and feathers, or marks of total femininity of the Edwardian lady. Diamonds were essential in the development of an Edwardian piece of jewelry, with many of these pieces being among the finest jewelry ever made.

Other characteristics of Edwardian jewelry include the extensive use of platinum. Invisible settings of platinum expanded and flattened the brilliance and whiteness of the stones. Millgrained setting was made popular during the period. Knowing the strength of platinum, designers skillfully produced pieces that were extremely thin and lightweight, masterpieces of engineering. At John Anthony Jewelers we take great pride in being able to identify these truly unique pieces of fine jewelry and the craftsmanship that was employed to create each piece. Contact us today if you are interested in acquiring any of these pieces for your collection.