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Diamond Color

Most diamonds appear to the naked eye to be white; they in fact range from colorless to yellowish, with many gradations in between. Others can contain increasing tinges of yellow or brown, some of which are referred to as champagne diamonds. It is a totally colorless diamond that allows white light to pass effortlessly and be dispersed as rainbows of color. The color grading scale ranges from totally colorless to yellow. Rare stones of exceptional color such as green, red, blue, pink or amber are known as "Fancies".

Diamond Color Grading Chart

Because subtle color variations dramatically affect the value of a diamond, a color grading scale is used to categorize the shading differences from one diamond to the next. It's important to remember that though increased shadings of yellow reduce the value of a diamond, they do not necessarily reduce its beauty. If a diamond is well cut, brilliance and dispersion will often disguise the coloration.

Many jewelers lack the expertise to accurately classify a diamond's color. Others, regardless of their expertise, may be tempted to inflate the color value in order to inflate the cost. To protect yourself, ask to see the Diamond Grading Report from the "GIA" "Gem Trade Laboratory" for the written assurance of the exact color grade. Note, however, that even the best Gemologist in the world cannot accurately grade a mounted diamond (that is, one already in a setting).

The best way to guarantee the color of a diamond is to choose a jeweler who will show you the diamond unmounted. This way, and only this way, will you be able to see the real color of the diamond. John Anthony Jewelers is well supplied with loose diamonds with GIA Grading Reports for your inspection.

Yellow Diamonds Color Chart
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