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Diamond Carats

As with all precious stones, the weight and therefore the size of a diamond is expressed in carats. The system is standardized and one carat is fixed at 200 milligrams or 1/5 of a gram. One carat is divided into 100 "points" so that a diamond of 25 "points" is described as a quarter of a carat or 0.25 carats. Size is the most obvious factor in determining the value of a diamond, but two diamonds of equal size can have unequal prices, depending on their quality.

Diamond Carat Sizes

As diamonds increase in size, their cost tends to increase geometrically rather than arithmetically. Thus, a one-carat diamond can cost significantly more than a one-half carat diamond of equal quality. On the other hand, when a diamond is improperly cut, the additional weight may reduce its brilliance. For these reasons, you are advised to consult a skilled Graduate Gemologist regarding the question of carat-weight, especially as it relates to the quality of the diamond's cut.

The accurate grading of a diamond requires not only sophisticated equipment and years of experience, but also advanced professional training. John Anthony Jewelers recommends that you inquire into the jeweler's credentials, references and education. As a proud alumnus of the GIA and a menber of the American Gem Society, John Jr. is committed to providing you with accurate information, personal service and exceptional value with every diamond you purchase from us. We believe that the more you know about diamonds the better you will be able to compare. And when you compare, we know that you will be able to see for yourself that John Anthony Jewelers has the finest quality diamonds at the most competitive prices.