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Gemstone Guide

Many jewelers confuse the consumer by advertising themselves as "wholesalers" or having never-ending sales that offer "70% to 80%" off. Don't be fooled. If it seems too good to be true, it is. John Anthony Jewelers has one goal: to provide accurately graded gemstones and fine jewelry at competitive prices to well-informed buyers. To help you become a well-informed buyer, we have provided this Gemstone Guide.

Buying fine jewelry is as much an emotional decision, as it is a financial one. That's why the staff at John Anthony Jewelers wants you to know exactly what you're purchasing. You should be advised of all the variables that determine the value of the item you wish to purchase. John Anthony Jewelers sells only Platinum, 14K and 18K gold made into the finest jewelry with the highest quality precious gems. We appreciate the opportunity to help you with this important acquisition.

Selecting Colored Stones

When choosing color, the four C's still can be utilized:
  • COLOR:
  • Best colors should be rich and vivid without being dark
  • Most important, you should like the color
  • Color preference can be very subjective, you should buy what you like best

  • Clean transparent gemstones are most valuable
  • Inclusions can provide identity to origin of stone

  • CUT:
  • Refers to general shape outline
  • More important, proper cutting affects how even is the distribution of color
  • Deep cut stones have dark areas
  • Shallow cut stones "window" allowing color to leak out

  • Gemstones are sold by weight
  • Larger gemstones are more rare

Gem Care Tips

1. Jewelry and gemstones tend to loose their ability to reflect light when they get dirty.
2. Take all jewelry off before strenuous work or exercise.
3. Make sure to put your perfume, moisturizers, and hairspray on before your jewelry; these products can damage pearls, in particular.
4. Clean your pearls with a moist cloth.
5. Don't wear your jewelry in a hot tub or pool; chlorine eats away at gold!
6. Don't toss your jewelry all together! The harder stones may scratch the softer ones.
7. Metal scratches and loses its' shine over time. Pieces can be cleaned and polished.
8. There are many subtleties involved in cleaning jewelry properly. When in doubt, please call John Anthony Jewelers, one of our staff will be happy to guide you or provide the service for you.