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133 Montgomery Avenue
Bala-Cynwyd, PA 19004-2828
Phone: (610)-664-8777
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Diamond List

Note: The information in this list is contigent upon prior sale. Please call for current list and prices (610) 664-8777.

Shape Ct. Weight MSRM Color Clarity Depth Table Cut Polish Symmetry Floor Lot # Cert
Round Brilliant 2.02 8.11x5.00 I SI1 61.8 61 EX EX EX NONE RS4194 GIA
Round Brilliant 2.02 8.05x5.03 I SI1 62.7 58 VG EX VG NONE CH814 GIA
Round Brilliant 2.04 8.14x5.06 E SI2 62.4 57 EX EX EX NONE RS4260 EGL
Round Brilliant 2.16 8.51x5.05 E SI2 59.9 60 GD GD NONE DV3 EGL
Round Brilliant 2.19 8.17x5.18 E SI1 63.6 59 VG VG VG FNT RS4254 EGL
Round Brilliant 2.42 8.70x5.30 J SI1 61.2 60 VG EX VG FNT RS4102 GIA
Round Brilliant 2.51 8.58x5.43 E SI2 63.4 59 VG VG VG NONE RS4195 EGL
Round Brilliant 2.51 8.68x5.43 F SI2 62.8 58 EX EX EX NONE CO6 EGL
Round Brilliant 2.54 8.69x5.46 H SI2 62.9 57 VG EX VG NONE RS3572 GIA
Round Brilliant 2.59 8.74x6.41 F SI2 62.1 60 EX EX EX NONE CO8 EGL
Round Brilliant 3.00 9.35x5.69 I SI2 60.9 57 EX EX EX FNT RS4132 IGI
Round Brilliant 3.01 9.11x5.80 I SI1 63.8 54 VG EX VG MD BL RS4242 GIA
Round Brilliant 3.26 9.40x5.95 E SI2 63.6 59 EX EX EX FNT RS4233 EGL
Round Brilliant 4.01 10.17x6.34 H SI1 62.6 56 EX EX EX FNT RS4029 GIA
Round Brilliant 4.01 10.02x6.25 J SI2 62.7 61 VG EX VG MD BL CH845 GIA
Round Brilliant 5.50 11.15x6.99 G SI1 62.8 58 VG VG VG NONE RS4020 EGL
Round Brilliant 8.19 13.06x7.97 H SI1 61.3 53 EX VG EX NONE 49/1 EGL
Princess 0.44 4.22x4.16 H SI1 71.5 75 VG GD NONE SJ12 GIA
Princess 0.50 4.34x4.32 I VVS2 73.3 67 EX EX NONE DV371 GIA
Princess 0.50 4.45x4.42 I VVS2 68.3 79 GD GD NONE RS3911 GIA